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The History

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First licensed in 1868

The Apollonian Hotel is one of the last surviving timber music hall Hotels built in the 1870's. Built from local timbers of Cedar and Hoop Pine it still stands in it's original glory hosting wide cool verandahs and a large rolling front lawn.

Moved from Gympie in the late 1980's the Hotel continues a tradition of good food & entertainment and surrounded by a beautiful village style lake community we get to host many a sailor/windsurfer/kayaker here in the bar.

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With so many services we offer our main objective is to see a smile on your face and have you leaving wanting to come back. We pride ourselves on our unique history and value your experience.

With our friendly staff and our history we will have you feel like you have stepped back in time and enjoy your visit.


We offer a unique relaxed atmosphere for a wedding venue.

Contact us for a wedding menu.


Outdoor dining

We have a unique open air dining experience with our fabulous food from the smokehouse. 

Night time under the festoon lights is magical on it's own, but we let each bride make their own choices of table decorations to make each Wedding unique to the happy couple.

If you have impending weather we bring everything inside the lounge, all decisions made on the day as needed.


Under the stars

With delicious food from the smokehouse you will not be left wanting more to eat. 

We have tasty choices of entrees, mains & salads as well as a great wine list & tap beer all at the normal bar pricing.


Lawn service

Your welcome to get married on our front lawn.

We don't charge a venue fee.

Where else can enjoy a marriage service with a beer in you hand.

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